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Commercial Glass and Glazing

BRG Corporation was originally founded in 1984 and is located in downtown Rochester, NY. BRG started as a small auto and residential glass shop and has grown into a leader in the public commercial glass and glazing industry. BRG Corporation is a signatory contractor to the Glaziers Union District Council 4 and primarily focuses on public bid capital improvements and new construction projects.

BRG Corporation Window Repair Division

BRG Corporation’s Window Repair Division specializes in the repair of existing windows in schools. Our highly skilled installation team can replace or upgrade your hardware system making the existing window easy and safe to operate. Performing this regular maintenance will extend the life of the window, delaying a more expensive window replacement project.

We service the entire Northeast and are fully insured and bonded. Our experienced sales reps are scheduling appointments in your area and can provide a free quote and demo. Our pricing is very competitive. Let us earn your business by enhancing the safety and security of your facility.

Single & Double Hung

Balance and hardware replacement on hung windows is our specialty. Commercial grade hung windows can be difficult to operate due to their size and weight, but they are built to last. Unfortunately, the factory balances and hardware they are installed with are not. If you have hung windows that are difficult to operate or come crashing down, we can help. BRG Corporation can retrofit an AAMA class 5 or class 6 balance in almost any commercial hung window. We will make your existing windows operate better than new, for many years to come, without breaking the budget.


The rollers on these windows can deteriorate over time causing them to grind and make the sash difficult to operate. We can repair your existing slider windows by replacing the rollers, locks, keepers and weather stripping.

Projection / Hopper

These are typically low maintenance systems, but still fail depending on the amount of use. Replacing the 4-bar hinges, cam handles, strikes and weather stripping will allow for smooth and consistent operation for years to come.


These windows are a common form of egress, but can be easily damaged if they are not operated properly. Restore your casement windows by replacing the operators, hinge assemblies, drag links, limit devices, locking mechanisms and weather stripping.

Clerestory / Gymnasium

There are many different window and vent systems present in today’s gymnasiums and they all provide much needed ventilation. We can get these systems up and running so your facility is in peak operating condition for your student athletes.

Facility Window Evaluation

If you are not sure of the condition of your windows or the extent of the repairs needed, we have you covered. We can send a representative out to evaluate the condition of the windows in your facility. A detailed report will be provided to help you better prepare for your upcoming window repair project.

Commercial Window Hardware

We can supply you with the replacement hardware or send a team of professionals to complete the project. We have a direct line to the industries top window hardware manufacturers. This allows us to deliver competitive pricing on all your hardware needs. Identifying the correct piece of hardware can be challenging. Our sales representatives have the knowledge and experience to identify the items you need, saving you time and money.

Glass Security Solutions

BRG Corporation offers a wide range of security glazing products and solutions to protect your facility. Since 2013 there have been at least 364 school shootings in America and averages about one per week according to Everytown for Gun Safety. Contact us today to help assess your needs and offer solutions.

Attack Resistant Glass

BRG offers a number of attack resistant glass products that range in thicknesses and performance to fit any application you may have. The sole purpose of attack resistant glass is to delay the attacker from entry long enough for authorities to arrive. We offer products that are tested to a duration of over 6 minutes before failure. BRG can inspect your existing doors and frames to see if they are adequate to receive new glazing and if not, we can offer replacement solutions.

Bullet Resistant Assemblies

BRG offers a number of bullet resistant assemblies including fixed windows and transaction windows. These assemblies are commonly found at main entry points, vestibules and reception areas. Our assemblies can be easily installed into your existing openings, properly securing your facility.

Security Screens

Security screens are an excellent solution to protect your windows from vandalism and forced entry. Screens can be fixed or operable with egress window function if required. Our security screens can be custom color matched to your existing windows or pick from our standard color options.

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